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5 years ago I didn’t know how to use a computer. I would sit at the keyboard and try to get the mouse to go where I wanted it to and repeat over and over to myself “Don’t panic, don’t panic”.

Now, I love my computer. I couldn’t run my business without it. I wouldn’t have the daily outlet to show my work and get feedback without it. It helps drive my creativity.

I still get nervous at the thought of starting something new or using new technology, but now know that I just have to work through the anxiety, and eventually what I was afraid of becomes almost mundane.

5 thoughts on “My Computer

  1. Hi Maria, I’ve been following your work on Bedlam Farm and love the sketch/stitches that you are incorporating into your potholders. What kind of sewing machine are you using? My much beloved (and ancient) Elna Lotus does need to be replaced.

    Kindest regards,

    Susan Golden

  2. i am pretty sure that you do the fabric sketches or thread painting using the “free motion” foot on your machine – i’m wondering what kind of machine you now have?
    Your fabric sketches are truly the best i’ve ever seen – and i’ve seen a fair lot!

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