A beautiful afternoon in many ways

Jon and Mary Kellogg at the Creative Union Show. Mary read a couple of poems from her book “Whistling Woman” and Jon gave a talk on Creativity and Change.

Kathleen, who has become a friend through my blog, was there with her hearing aid dog Olivia who got lots of love from everyone there.

It was a beautiful afternoon and so nice to meet lots of the people I usually only get to have contact with on line.

3 thoughts on “A beautiful afternoon in many ways

  1. Hi Maria,
    I’m SO hoping that you will be coming to the Free Library of Northampton in PA on January 26. It would be wonderful to meet you (and Jon, of course)and finally ‘flesh-out’ the person who, on many days, steers my way.

  2. How cool, a hearing dog. My BC figured out that I needed her to remind me to take my meds. LOL. She also tells me when the phone is ringing. I don’t usually hear it.

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