Free to make mistakes

I have to thank my ex-husband for inspiring me to work on the stitching of “Rita Tossing her Apron” today. I think I was waiting to work on the last “Rita” panel until I was really feeling it. I won’t get into details, but today I was feeling it.

I have to make some adjustments to her face, she doesn’t look as happy as she should. Sometimes the stitches don’t translate well from the sketch, especially on such small details. I did figure out a way to trace the sketch onto the fabric. For weeks I’ve been thinking I needed a light box to lay the sketch on with the fabric over it so I could see the lines through the fabric. Today as I looked out the big picture window in my studio, I realized It was a giant light box.

Knowing I can easily duplicate the drawing on fabric frees me up to be less afraid of making mistakes. Now I’ll be more willing to take chances and try something new.

8 thoughts on “Free to make mistakes

  1. Maria: I used to quilt a lot, and I never bought a light box. I too used a window, but if I wanted to trace a pattern at night, I would separate my dining table place a sheet of glass (actually plexi glass) where the leaf would go and then put a little lamp, minus the shade, on the floor underneath and it worked a treat.
    I like Rita. She definitely has attitude and that is good. I am a breast cancer survivor, and I hooked a mat to honour the two voices that would speak to me in the dark of night. They were called Bertha and Beulah by me, and on the outside of the mat, they are very drab and have a very dull look to their hair and faces. In between them are the new Beulah and Bertha. They have bright colours, are smiling and have great attitude. It was a wonderful way for me to work out my angst about the negative voices in the night.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jon. Peg

  2. OH…..The ex-husband stories we could all tell! This Rita is AWESOME. I can feel the emotion behind this. You go Maria!

  3. After what you said about your ex, I had a picture in my head of Rita tossing her chains to the side. I could just hear that Nancy Sinatra song “these boots are made for walking…”

    My ex was a real piece of work, to say the least.

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