Sold Out

All my Scene’s from the Studio potholders are sold out. But I’m looking forward to getting back into the studio tomorrow and making more.

I had lunch in Albany today with my friend Bobbi from art school. We went through the MFA sculpture program together. After we left school, she taught me to weave. Now Bobbi is felting scarves and selling them in a Gallery in Stamford NY. I took a felting class with her once. It’s very time consuming with lots of repetitive kneading. Close to printmaking, something I’ve never quite understood. Everything is backwards. But Bobbi still uses a dark room too, another process I struggled with. When I make a mark, I like to be able to see it right away, right side up and not hours later. Sometimes I think I’m just not patient enough.

3 thoughts on “Sold Out

  1. Hi Maria, Sold out is good!
    I think you have a preference for the way you want your art to flow.That’s what makes you unique. You’ve crafted beautiful fiber art that glows with intricate,painstaking workmanship.You’ve shared stories of artistic frustrations in crafting certain ideas and having to return back to them again and again. Me thinks you are a very patient woman!
    Happy Holidays to you all (including Rita)!

  2. I always thought screen printing was too involved to be enjoyable. I had a lot of problems with the pottery wheel, never got that right. But, I liked to sculpt with clay.

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