More scenes from the studio. These are already sold. I started using the backs of patterned fabics as a ground for the drawings. It adds another dimension.

The possibilities seems endless, I move a piece of furniture and have a new drawing.

I really love the lines that come from loose threads and yarn and electrical cords….

“brother”, my sewing machine, is available. It’s $20 including shipping.

I got a new invisible pen which is easier to draw with and a new chair with an adjustable seat and wheels. (Great for the back, but I fell on the floor when I went to sit down yesterday, I’m not used to my chair not being where I left it when I last got up)

Next week, with new pen and chair, I’ll be working on my 1st Rita Quilt and more Scenes from the studio.

2 thoughts on ““brother”

  1. Love the different color thread and the pattern background. Little miniature worlds. Makes you want to walk into them. The picture frame is adorable. LOVE Rita on the wall. You are A-Ma-Zing.

  2. Maria, the tan one is very nice. Looks interesting.

    I’ve been busy making an 18th Cen. dress for a woman to wear in a Christmas Parade.

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