First Potholder

I made my first potholder some time last year. I has a pocket of a home made house dress from the 1970’s on it.

Today I made a potholder of my first potholder:

And thanks for all the good wishes on my decision to quilt my part time job. I was already beginning to doubt myself, such encouragement has lifted my spirits on this gloomy November night.

11 thoughts on “First Potholder

  1. Hi Maria, Shed that self doubt. Throw it off! The aprons gotta go!
    Best wishes to you. You are going to love your new life!
    Pats and a kiss to wonderful Frieda, Cindy

  2. Have faith in yourself. Turn to Freida and support from your blog, nature, facebook people, your yoga, Jon and what you have in store, such as the pig barn, route 99 and current work you have as well as your solo, your art and family, and your time alone..

    Be true to yourself first. Takes time to adjust but no one knows you like you do yourself and listen to your artist heart. Think of the little train that can.. You have come sooo far and remember your story, who you are and where you have come from. : ) This is a lifetime dream and you made it… You really did. I know it dream like but enjoy. Cheers and best wishes..

    As the days passes you will feel stronger, trust me.

    K and O

  3. you wrote “to quilt” instead of “to quit” … undoubtedly it is the right decision ! bonne chance !

  4. Heehee…’quilt’ your part time job?! A Freudian slip. 😉

    Now that you have the security of marriage again you might as well go for it and jump right into your sewing. NOW is the only time you have!

    The material in this potholder looks very vintage which is valued these days. Maybe when you’re doing this full time you’ll think of looking outside the studio for inspiration: scenes from the farm and animals and nature.

    Good wishes.

    1. Oh yes, Freudian, I wonder how I could do that… quilt my job. But It’s not about security in marriage. It’s about dedicating myself to my art in a way that in the past I have been afraid to do. It’s about not being afraid to make a good life for myself.

  5. Maria,
    Best wishes to you post leaving your job. I can feel scary and uncertain, but worth it when you follow your heart. I received my potholder today and I absolutely LOVE it! Continue following your passions and enjoy the beautiful snow falling today, & the upcoming holidays. God bless!

  6. Hi, Maria!

    I LOVE your new potholders – the outline stitching style is great!

    Is your “potholder of your first potholder” up for sale?

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