Jon and his new camera in the studio barn

Jon came into my studio with his new camera to try it out.

Sometimes at night, he sneaks around outside the studio while I’m working and takes pictures through the window. I usually don’t know he was there until I see a picture on his blog. This isn’t exactly revenge, but I think it’s the closest I’m going to get.

4 thoughts on “Jon and his new camera in the studio barn

  1. Haa. Thumbs up Maria!!! If you tell me, you snapped the first shot!!!!! Got to love the backdrop
    of a creative place, alway buzzzzing….

    Great picture… If that the new camera, it looks heavy.
    Wow, but it is worth it for the picture he gets. An upgrade with lots of choices,
    which leaves you room to grow. It how, I feel about my current camera, that had no
    lenses for me to put on, so so I feel boxed in with just a zoom function on it. I need to look around
    but I am a clueless when in comes to what to look for. I don’t want a sales’s person from best buy to say I should get something just to buy it if there not someone who takes pictures.. An artist to an artist is what I need to know for an upgrade..

    The need for an artist to grow and seek the light, is important rather then repeat the same thing
    over and over. You might as well hold to to the past and get bored after a while with no room to bloom
    for something new.


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