laughing girl

Jon and I went to the Guggenheim Museum yesterday, left thinking but uninspired by the Chaos and Classiscism exhibit. Since seeing it I’ve decided that government should stay out of art unless they can support it without getting involved in any other way with it. In other words leave the art to the artists.

This morning I went to the Frick Museum. An impressive setting in the Old Frick Mansion, with a collection of art that at times is a bit stuffy. I was taken with the Vermeer’s, there were three of them and I think seeing so many together allowed me to see them in context of each other and appreciate them. Of course I couldn’t help thinking of the book “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” and perhaps that had something to do with it too.

Now Jon and I are on our way to MOMA….

2 thoughts on “laughing girl

  1. Vermeer is exceptional. In the second one you could reach out and touch the folds of her blouse. I have read “Girl with the Pearl Earring”…also exceptional. I am jealous.

  2. Thanks for the memories, Maria. I am a native New Yorker, and when in college, took many years of Art History. My teacher, Dr. Catherine Pasztory, actually escaped from Budapest during WWII, digging under barbed wire and crawling through fields. She had a love for Vermeer’s work, and your pictures brought a true flashback for me. I’m happy and saddened at the same time.

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