Room 1103

Room 1103 at the Park Central, a bit less room than the hotels in Ohio, but basically the same.

I took a couple of videos (short just a few seconds long) with my Ipod , something I’ve never done before. The Carousel in Central Park, Penn Station, walking under a bridge in Central Park. I just have to figure out how to put them up on the blog.

I’ve never been interested in photography or video, but I’ve found it intriguing. I’m curious what makes a good 5 second video. It seems to be much like a still photo in composition, but of course there’s also movement and sound.

Taking a video of the carousel, my first one, I felt like the first person with a moving camera. I didn’t move the camera, I took a picture of something that moves and has music and lots of color and recognizable forms. It’s something most people have a connection to or memories of. It was a natural.

5 second video is like  a moving snapshot.

4 thoughts on “Room 1103

  1. Hi Maria,

    Try the following. If for some reason the video doesn’t appear after you have updated your iPod, try the following:

    In iTunes, go to EDIT > Preferences
    On the iPod tab, under Video, check “Automatically update all video”
    Click OK

    Sounds like you might have found another form of creativity.


  2. What an interesting way of looking at short videos. I haven’t ever taken any, or really thought about how or what they are. You’ve inspired me to give them a try. Thank you.

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