hello goodbye

It gets harder and harder for me to thread needles…..

When I was a kid, everyday after school, I would visit my grandmother who lived upstairs from us. Sometimes she would ask me to thread needles so she could sew the runs in her stockings. She was a widow by then so the thread was always black. I was glad to thread her needles because it gave me something to do. When I was done I would stick them in the back cushion of the couch. I would stay only long enough to thread the needles and when I left she would say “Hello, goodbye” in her thick Italian accent. It was never long enough for her.

8 thoughts on “hello goodbye

  1. I had to go with a carpet needle to do my hand sewing when I worked on the 18th cen dress I made recently. I’ll have to get more of those, they are great. Very easy to thread. I understand that there are self threading hand sewing needles. Don’t know if there is a gadget for getting the thread into the smaller needle eye on a sewing machine. Takes many tries.

  2. I get the “Hello Goodbye” treatment from my Grandson Jake.He’ll help me with some techno thing I can’t understand on my phone or computer, then he’s totally all done! But I just love him sooo. He’s sweet enough to eat! I had lived with my dau.and son-in -law and two grandkids for eight yrs. give or take. Totally separate in-law apt. away from the house. Then off they went and I flew away with my man Ron!
    Help me I can’t stop typing!

  3. What a lovely family story. And didn’t there used to be little flat foil threaders that came with a packet of needles? (I never quite got the hang of them, though.) The “Rita” quilt is truly a work of art; it’s lovely.

  4. I used to thread my grandmother’s needles too. I remember thinking that I would always be able to thread my own needles. HA! Now I have the same difficulty. I love your work!

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