Howling Rita

Rita tossed her apron of silence and is howling at the moon. She’s conjuring up her power animal, a part of herself she didn’t know existed.

8 thoughts on “Howling Rita

  1. WOW I LOVE Rita howling I have just had an interchange with my animal totem and it is a large wolf I just love this image!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you making her for a quilt if yes is she already purchased? If not I may just have the perfect wall for her…please let me know thanks.
    Barbara Weilbacher

    1. Hey Barbara, Thanks for the message. I am making a quilt and I have a few other people interested, but I’ll put you on my list and be in touch when I finish it.

  2. Rita’s totem animal, right? I imagine Rita in a sleek Mrs. Peel catsuit, ready to kick some butt. I’m imagining she has amassed a ton of power since the red moon eclipse event during the solstice.

  3. Yes! I love howling Rita. You’re good, her whole body is howling right down to her fingertips. She’s hotter than Lucan.

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