That Ain’t Me Inspiration

This old crazy quilt made into a cushion came to me in a bag of fabric from Vera’s daughter Carol. I made 20 potholders for Carol out of her mothers old fabric and clothes and when Vera died Carol gave me the rest of her fabric. There was yardage, clothes and unfinished dresses with the patterns still pinned to them.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the disintegrating pillow, but I fell in love with it as it appears Vera must have done to have kept it for so long and to have made the repairs that are obvious. It was this mix of Victorian and 1970’s fabric that inspired the colors in “That Ain’t Me No More”.

“That Ain’t Me No More” pieced together and below is a detail…

Once done “That Ain’t Me No More” will be for sale for $250 + $20 shipping. You can email me at [email protected] or go to Contact Me if you’re interested.

8 thoughts on “That Ain’t Me Inspiration

  1. I have a Grandmother’s Flower garden pieced quilt that my maternal grandmother made from feed sacks. She made all her quilts, her children’s clothing, and bed sheets from feed sacks. That quilt – the flower garden design is practically in tatters. I’ve always loved it. I’ve kept it. It’s always inspired me to learn quilting. Funny what inspires us to try different things.

  2. Maria, thank you. Warmed my heart. I surely would like to know the story behind that old tattered piece & who sewed that wild 70’s fabric in there. Fewer tears now…. I think of you often. Love your sketches.

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