Hot pink with polka dots

Friday night we planned a holiday dinner with a few friends. But the snow came and only 2 people showed. Both of them said they thought of not coming but Mary Kellogg, who is 80, said she wanted to make sure we got the flatbread and cheese she was bringing and Serena didn’t want to be home alone with the 12 cannoli she was bringing. Mary dropped off the flatbread and went back home before the roads got any worse. Serena spent the night.

We spent the next day eating, walking on the path with the dogs and talking. Jon honed in on his Creativity and Change talk for the Gallery 99. Serena also has some of her work at Gallery 99 as well as a show of her gourds at the Southern Vermont Art Center which opens the same weekend. Two very different venues, SVAC being more traditional with a wealthier audience and Gallery 99 exploring the idea of affordable art. From what I can see the difference seems to come down to size. The art and artists in Gallery 99 aren’t of a lesser quality, the work is just smaller so it sells for less.

Serena visited the studio barn and reminisced about about some of the material in my latest quilt. She had given me a bag of left over fabric from her childhood dresses. Because she made most of her own clothes, she had a unique wardrobe that didn’t always fit in with the other kids. An early mark of the Artist. Her mother taught her to sew and she got in trouble in Home EC for putting in a zipper the way her mother taught her instead of their way. The hot pink with polka dots was a jumper, the big blue flower print was upholstery on the kitchen chairs and the small flowered print never got used. Until now that is.

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  1. Sounds like Serena is a great friend and confidant. That is a wonderful thing to have! Happiness to you in your full time artistry Maria. xoxo to Frieda

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