Globs of dust

The little computerized window on my sewing machine read “Safety On”  and the machine stopped working.  I could see the orange thread caught in the bobbin.  So I went in.  I unplugged the machine and took off the bobbin plate and  the inside was filled with globs of dust!  My old machine, which I cleaned once in 20 years, didn’t have that much dust.  I removed the pieces that came out and used the little white brush that came with the machine to clean it.

Of course when I put it all back together it didn’t work.  I messed around with it for a while, obviously did something right, and up and down the needle plunked.  I adjusted the tension, which for some reason was different now, and still the needle plunked.  I remember this from my old machine too,  it’s time for a new needle.  I had time to finish this Studio Scene potholder before going to Glens Falls for Yoga and sewing needles.    I wasn’t sure I was going to sew this one after making the sketch, but today I got the urge.   I think because it looked like fun, lots of new stuff to figure out.  And it was fun and I love the way it looks, even if some of the forms are a bit ambiguous.

While  I was struggling with my machine, Freida sat by the stove and  when Jon came into the studio, she struck a pose and flirted with him.

5 thoughts on “Globs of dust

  1. Smiles, you just have to tinker around until you figure it out. That how I mess around with things
    that are broken. Can’t fix it isn’t in my in my vocabulary. May take a day or two but I’ve never had to ask anyone for help. Freida, is indeed a flirt with the camera… Dogs know.. Look at those eyes!!!

  2. Hey Maria, What ambiguous? No way. This is a sweet studio scene. It does feel open and fun. You write a mean blog.It’s great. I really look forward to it. Thanks for it all.
    The best is Frieda vamping for the camera! You must love her to bits.

  3. This looks cozy. Love the figures on the windowsill. The spool with the thread trailing looks like a little mouse. Cute.

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