bigger than myself

The Sufi poet Rumi said that the body was a tool to help us get to our souls.   Sometimes I think of my art that way.  I’m just beginning to figure out the spiritual part of my work.

When I think of describing the feeling I get while working in the studio a picture comes to mind of the inner workings of an old clock. The gears turning on each other, slipping into place, the  constant and steady motion.  I feel as if I’m a part of something bigger than myself and I’m helping the mechanism run smoothly.

I’m not sure if the spirituality is  in the end product, but I know it’s in the process.   And I think it’s in the process of not only making the work, but sharing it on line and selling it too.  Maybe  it’s because in sharing my work, I’m saying “I exist and this is who I am”  and it makes me “one of you”.

4 thoughts on “bigger than myself

  1. Wow, fantastic designs! … just wait ’til the arty hipsters, ‘stitch & bitch’ sorts & Etsy crafters see those, are they ever going to ‘freak’!…

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