No Fuss

I had no idea how I would design the Rita Howling quilt.  So I started looking through my books, Gustave Klimt, a moon book, a werewolf book.  I started with some glitz, moons and gold fringe.   Too tacky for Rita, she’s more direct, so it was bold colors and no fuss.  I took out my quilting bible, the Gees Bend book and was inspired by the big bold colors Nell Hall Williams and Sue Willie Seltzer.

I got the basic design and left it for the night.


This morning I messed with it some more, took a meditation break and came back to it knowing it needed some brown lines (perfect for ties, there are always more brown ties in my tie box.)  I added the brown, and it all made sense.  First version was a bit too soft, too calm, too pretty.    Now I think it’s a bit more edgy, like Rita.

Now to piecing…

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