10 dog potholders for sale

I have 10 dog potholders for sale. They are $15 each including shipping. If you’re interested, you can email me at [email protected] or go to Contact Me at the top of this page.

Jon and I will be leaving for the Rose In the Storm Library tour next Sunday. While walking through the woods this morning I got the idea to do a Potholder Library Series. I’ll be making the pencil sketches on the tour from Cobbleskill NY to Martha’s Vineyard and posting them on my blog. Once I’m back in the studio I’ll convert the pencil sketches into stitch sketches on potholders. I’ll stitch the place and date on the back of each one .

5 thoughts on “10 dog potholders for sale

  1. Maria, I love the idea of the library tour potholders, and the confluence of yours and Jon’s art. Hope you both find lots of inspiration while visiting our town.

  2. Maria, put me down for the potholder from Cobleskill, sight-unseen and nonexistent as it may be at the moment! I don’t care….gotta have it!

    I love your sketched potholders, nifty, unique idea!

    See you tomorrow!

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