Rita still howling

Last night I woke up at 3AM and realized I wanted to write the title of the quilt on it somewhere. Rita Howling or Rita and her power animal howl at the same moon or something like that. I like the idea of a whole sentence, not sure where it will go yet.

7 thoughts on “Rita still howling

  1. Maria,
    Being a “traditional” quilter I have not always cared for the style quilt you create, although I have enjoyed the fabrics and the process.
    I have to say that the Rita quilts, especially this one, Rita Howling, are really beautiful. You are talented and very unique. Thank You for the inspiration.
    Phyllis Ells

    1. Hey Thanks Phyllis, That means a lot since you’re coming from a different place when it comes to quilts. I’m glad you keep coming back. I kinda feel the same way when it comes to Jazz. I’m not likely to listen to the music, but I love listening to musicians talk about it.

  2. Hi Maria, I LOVE this Rita quilt. I feel that your Rita series quilts should all have a sentence written on them. It makes them so unique.Just my thoughts. See you in Osterville! Cindy

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