Automatic Shut Down

I started out my day doing many quick chadarunga’s in my morning yoga sun salutations to try and warm me up from the inside out. Even after the usual hour and a half of letting the wood stove and electic heater warm up the studio this morning it was still cold. So, cold fingers and toes, I got to work putting the final touch on Rita Howling. I started to stitch the words “Rita and her Power Ani…. and the machine stopped. Automatic Shut Down showed up on the computer screen. I began to take the machine apart looking for the thread caught in the motor that the directions insisted was there. At least when I couldn’t find it I was able to put the machine back together. So now we’re off the Glens Falls, Sewing Machine seatbelted in the back seat, to Heirloom sewing center to see if they can find the problem…

6 thoughts on “Automatic Shut Down

  1. I used to have a Brother machine. I called mine the “old brother.” I love my Singer Quilt and Sew. The one brand of machine that resists thread is the Viking (my dream machine).

    I saw an article that reminded me a lot of the spontaneity of some of your art. You might find this interesting, it’s about the Teddy Bear Tree in Southwest Roanoke. It’s a sculpture of sorts.

  2. Ron thought it was very cute that you seatbelted your Brother Sewing machine in the back seat for safety. He says he used to seatbelt in his car parts when he was a kid to keep them safe. 🙂

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