let it go, let it come

I had to leave my sewing machine at the shop for repairs. The woman there couldn’t tell me how long it would take to fix, but she put an ASAP on the form when I told her I use it everyday for work. So Rita Howling will have to wait. I can get the batting and backing ready, but won’t be able to put it all together until I get my “Brother” back.

Between my machine breaking and meeting with my bookkeeper ( a lovely person, we often have tea together,but numbers are always a challenge for me,) and trying to get into my online banking (I don’t remember what my favorite activity is and no I didn’t write it down) and then realizing after trying to call the bank that it’s a holiday, I had to say to myself many times “Don’t Panic, don’t panic, don’t panic”.

And it worked, I didn’t panic, instead I remembered the mantra that came to me during Meditation Sunday morning. “You don’t have to do anything, let it go, let it come.”

So tomorrow morning I’ll take out my 25 year old Singer and make a quilt or some potholders the old fashion way.

6 thoughts on “let it go, let it come

  1. Oh Maria, I want to examine this “favorite activity” issue. Could you have thought of any more of an oblique security question? Why not “mother’s maiden name” or your “favorite pet?” And honestly, your FAVORITE activity? I don’t know if you’d want to put that out there for your bank to read! There in lies the problem. What the heck did you say? Walks on the beach, listening to Gregorian Chants,Astronomy,Gormet Cooking? (and by the way, I get “You should have written it down”) all the time too.

    1. Oh but I didn’t come up with the question, I can’t even answer it, why would I ask it? They also ask where my best friend lives. My best friend I haven’t had a best friend since elementary school!

  2. Ohhhhh…..I’m getting it now! I have to admit as far as best friends go I’m right there at you. My last best friend was in like third grade. Marcia Mc Mullen. We used to cook hot dogs on her “Easy Bake Oven”! Cindy

  3. Maria, I so enjoy checking in on your website from time to time! I love your new work with Rita and am so happy for you with stepping into your art full time. I love your meditation mantra “let it go, let it come”
    I am taking a meditation class soon in my community and will remember this one.

  4. “We used to cook hotdogs on her “Easy Bake Oven!” GREAT title for a country-western song! Cindy…you GO, girl.

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