Collaboration or Patriarchial System ?

After reading my post about collaboration Jon challenged (probably not the best way to start a collaboration) to collaborate on a piece with him. So he chose one of his photos and I made a quilt inspired by it. I’m not sure if this is a true collaboration, or just an inspiration, time will tell.

I designed the quilt yesterday, knowing I could piece it together with my Singer since my Brother is in the shop, so the sewing machine inspired me also, perhaps it’s a 3 way collaboration.

After many strange dreams last night (lots of trying to eat sweet stuff) I realized the quilt was missing something. So this morning I added the “I Love You” fabric. I started piecing it together today and I must say, it’s just right.

9 thoughts on “Collaboration or Patriarchial System ?

  1. Maybe Jon can do some of the sewing on this piece? I’m seeing a lot of 3 – point perspective happening with the fabric. Or the suggestion of that, esp. in the photo, and now with the quilt.

  2. I love the I Love You fabric, although I don’t recall collaborating on it. Life in the Patriarchal system ain’t what it used to be.

  3. I love your “collaboration” piece and I love the way you and Jon support each other. I always say life is a choice and you have the choice to chose your own path. Thank you for sharing your creations and your story.

  4. Hi Maria, This is just right! The color and depth jump out at me. Were you just trying to eat sweets or did you actually eat some? What were they?The I love you fabric that you added is the sweets you were dreaming about. The quilt is a lovely collaboration!

    1. I was eating the fingers of a glove filled with strawberry jam, can’t imagine what the glove was made of, although I remember it being a gray and red knit. ah dreams

  5. Ah..Ladyfingers with Strawberry.Spongy,light,sweet and red. The color of passion and love. I really believe this dream spirited you to add the I love you fabric.Perhaps it’s a four way collaboration. Enjoy the snow,Cindy

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