…howling at the same moon

I got my Brother back today. Actually Jon picked it up for me and I’m glad he did. He said the woman who fixed it all but yelled at him that it needed to be cleaned more often, she spent 3 hours cleaning the compartment under the bobbin case etc! etc! etc!

So I got off easy, Thank you Jon. When I called to see if there was anything else I needed to know about cleaning it , the same woman answered, she seemed annoyed. She said “When normal people…. I mean normally people clean their machines every two weeks depending on how often they use it.” She gave me some helpful advise and I promised to clean it often and thanked her many times for all of her help. And I am grateful to her for fixing it and getting it done so quickly. And I’ll be sure to keep the machine clean, I wouldn’t want to have to bring it back to her with the same problem.

I think tomorrow I’ll finish up the Collaboration quilt on my singer, then plug in the Brother and get back to where I left off with Rita.

3 thoughts on “…howling at the same moon

  1. An amazing amount of lint gets in those compartment below the bobbin case. My Singer had a brush just for that purpose. Generally what happened with me was I’d forget to use it.

  2. Maria, the parallelograms in the quilt are stunningly different and very – what’s the word? – welcoming, warm! Nice!

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