The flow of life and work

I have every intention of finishing my Rita Howling quilt before Jon and I go on the Library book tour next week. Between the snow and trying to figure out my business finances with my book keeper, and my machine breaking, I haven’t had a full day in my studio this week.

I was listening to an interview with the poet Elizabeth Alexander. She said that having children was the best thing for her writing because it made her realize that if she was going to write, she just had to write. She couldn’t wait for the right moment or to be inspired, she had to just do it when she had a free moment or not do it at all.

So I’m learning that I won’t get days of uninterrupted time in the studio. My life and my work are woven together in a way I had never imagined. The “interruptions” aren’t really interruptions, it’s just the flow of life and work.

2 thoughts on “The flow of life and work

  1. Wow, that looks good, it’s so Mondrian. I can see that as a banner, to hang outside if it was weather tolerant. But as it is, probably too delicate.

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