Izzy in the Studio

Usually I take Saturday’s off, but I wanted to finish the Rita Howling Quilt before leaving for the Library tour on Monday.

For the past week or so Izzy seemed a bit off, hanging around me more than usual. I thought maybe he needed something to do, and since Freida seems happy as long as she’s by a wood stove, I took Izzy with me to the studio today. He did some sniffing around came to me a couple of times for cuddling then settled down under the quilt I was working on. Unlike Freida, he has no interest in lying by the wood stove. After having lunch in the house,Freida followed me to the door, but ran back to her bed by the wood stove when I called Izzy . He ran across the road to the studio and settled down as if he’d been doing it for years.

Jon, quoting Attachment Theory, had some other ideas about why I took Izzy to the studio instead of Freida. He didn’t seem to think it was about Izzy’s needs, but mine. I do feel stronger and more confident lately, like I have a greater sense of myself. (perhaps I don’t feel as great a need to protect and be protected ) I also see the dogs differently, they are all my dogs, not just Freida, so why not spend time with Izzy in the studio.

I have to say, I think Jon may be right. Izzy and Freida don’t seem to be concerned about who goes with who where. It seems to be my issue.

4 thoughts on “Izzy in the Studio

  1. Hey Maria, Isn’t it so nice to feel strong and important? It’s like a cocoon slowly being opened. This began for me when I finally ended a long,terrible marriage and again the surge happened when I hit fifty! Not to say there’s not days of total regression but with care and help we can be beautiful flowers!
    Good for Izzy and you. I agree with this attachment theory thing. And I think Izzy may have sensed a certain energy from you and felt he needed to be near you for the past week.
    The finished Rita quilt must be beautiful. Can you post a picture or is she gone?
    Have a great tour with your man, Stay safe on the roads. Cindy

  2. After reading Inside of a Dog – What dogs See, Smell and Know by Alexandra Horowitz, I have to wonder what Izzy may be picking up on. He may very well have decided he would be a quilting and sewing dog!

  3. Jon might be spending a little less time with Izzy being as he is writing about Frieda. Less time alone with Jon doing hospice. Ol Izzy could just be needing a little more attention. Seeking out the one he is sure will give it to him. Then again what do I know bout how a dog thinks.

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