time to draw

I’ve found that it’s hard to get some time to actually sketch in the libraries. I had to sneak out of the talk in Cobleskill and had to piece together from quick sketches and memory the drawing from the Scoville Memorial Library. (a neat gothic building with oak panels opening into basement stairways.)
It’s easier to get the sketches of the places we stay at night, drawing before going to bed and early in the morning.

Now we’re snowed in at the Marriott, lots of time for the standard room sketches.

2 thoughts on “time to draw

  1. How lucky you are to be able to draw what you see. I cannot draw and haven’t had the patience to learn although I understand one CAN learn. I read Ruskin on drawing when traveling to interesting places. Cameras were not the easy to use instruments they now are of course, but I think he was right that the only way to get to know a new sight [site] is to take the time to draw it. Then it’s in your physical as well as visual memory.

    I’ve also scrolled through and I like your spontaneous quilts.

    1. It’s so true about drawing. You really get to “know” a place, thing or person when you draw them. You have to really see it to be able to draw it. I also believe you learn to draw by drawing and seeing.

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