Osterville and Scituate Libraries

The Osterville Library is temporarily in the basement of a building on Main St . Jon spoke in the gym or the Methodist Church.

Scituate Library Community Room.

4 thoughts on “Osterville and Scituate Libraries

  1. I love the backs and the hair. There is a certain playfulness (I won’t say whimsey) to the sketch. Each person’s attitude comes through. It’s cool.

  2. Welcome home!
    I have enjoyed the library sketches a lot as I grew up in Carnegie Libraries where my mom was a librarian and I spent afternoons after school and summers. One was next to the city fire station of all things so it wasn’t always quiet. They had a real Dalmation named Domino who rode on the truck. Thanks for the memories and your work for libraries. marilyn

  3. Thank you for sharing your sketches and your library trip with us. As a teacher, freelance writer, dog lover, and Friend of the Library, I really appreciate all that the two of you do. Someone needs to be a spokesperson and I am glad that you both do it with such love and enthusiasm. Thanks again and God Bless! I really love your quilts too. I wish I could sew…

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