First day back in the studio in a week. It’s nice to be home and working again. I decided to fix the Rita Howling quilt so I could move on even though I really wanted to start something new. I figured I had a few options when it came to Rita Howling. I could leave it as is and sell it for less, (most of the problem was on the back), give it away or keep it, or I could just fix it. I decided to fix it.

I didn’t know how much of it I had to take apart. There was a stain on the front where Rita is, as well as on the back. So I started at the beginning and I cut the ties on about two thirds of the quilt. Then I removed the piece of stained fabric. I used plain water to get rid of most of the strain on the front of the quilt and patched what didn’t come out with the water. I made a new backing piece and sewed it as much as possible using the machine and hand stitched the rest. Then I retacked it using the same holes.

It took most of the day, but it looks great and is ready to go to it’s new home. I’m going to remember this, because I know there is a lesson in it for me. It seemed each time I tried remove a stain, another appeared. At one point I thought, “There’s something I need to learn here and I’m just not getting it.” Maybe it’s patience or endurance, it’s probably something I never thought of and will have to continue to revisit it until I do.

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  1. This quilt is just beautiful. I remember you telling me your work has taught you patience. I’m so glad you stuck with this Rita. She loves you for it!

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