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I met Diane Swanson at the Empire Theater this morning to begin the preparations for Gallery 99. There really wasn’t much for us to do yet. We unloaded a few boxes of supplies and the Gallery 99 banner which will move from location to location with the Gallery. Monday through Wednesday of next week the artists will drop off their work and Diane, Christine and I (and whoever else shows up) will begin hanging the show.

It’s a great space donated by the building’s owner for the gallery to use. A wall of windows looks out on busy South St in Glens Falls. The opening reception is on Thursday February 10th from 5-8pm. Performer Hillary Parker and Hearty Hearty Love will be making the music. On Friday February 11th Jon Katz will be giving a talk on Creativity and change at 6pm. On Saturday Feb 12th from 3:30-4:30 Musician Mark Orlosky will be performing and I’ll be doing a stitch sketch potholder demonstration at 5pm. Sunday is the last day of Gallery 99 until it’s next incarnation it will be open from noon to 4pm.

All the art will sell for $99 or less. This is the trial run for the gallery there are 25 artists and a lot of excitement so far.

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2 thoughts on “Gallery 99 to be

  1. All the best with Gallery 99. It sounds like a great idea and with such enthusiasm from both yourself and Jon, it is sure to be a success. Good luck. Peg

  2. Maria-

    I am constantly amazed at the creative ideas you have. Gallery99 sounds like a wonderful idea. I only wish I didnt live so far away. I think Jon mentioned there would be some kind of show this summer. Perhaps I could include it in a min vacation to the area.

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