My Powerbrush

I really hate vacuuming. The only place I do vacuum is in my studio, and when I do I am gratetful for my Powerbrush, because it works so well. It picks up all the threads and yarn , fabric scraps and dog hair and leaves the pins and needles. It is missing a metal extension, so I have to get pretty close to the floor to use it, but my floor space is small and it only takes moments to get it all cleaned up. I think she’s worthy of a potholder.

I took a few liberties with my window, the green bowl is really a nest(I tried for over an hour to make a nest on my machine but it never looked like nest, so I made it a bowl) and the hanging sage is really feathers, (same problem).

2 thoughts on “My Powerbrush

  1. This is too cute! I hate to vacuum also. I use the good old broom and dustpan all the time. Sweeping is somehow more enjoyable than vacuuming for me.
    I love this window sketch/stitch potholder!It’s intriguing. I love the view through the window. I really love the donkey 🙂 . May I purchase this?
    We’re all iced in here. Thanks Maria, Cindy

    1. I have a broom and dustpan too and would much rather sweep than vacuum. About the potholder, it’s already entered in the show, so you’d have to buy it from Gallery 99.

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