Evoking Stories

Gallery 99 was a success in so many ways. It will be happening again in June and July at the Wood Theater for the Adirondack Theater Festival and again in the Fall although the venue isn’t determined yet. I have 3 Stitch Sketch potholders left from Gallery 99. They’re $20 each + shipping.

“New Chair and Old Desk” (this is the chair I fell off of)

“Power Brush” ( I prefer a broom, but am actually grateful for this vacuum, it gets all the threads off the rug)

“Grandma’s Couch” (I guess this is a pretty personal one, but the story is universal, at some point we all need someone to thread our needles for us. Anyway, there’s something about needles in a couch that evokes yet another story)

These potholders are $20 each + $3 shipping. If you’re interested you can contact me at [email protected] or click on Contact Me above.

Next: Library tour potholders and a show at the Pember Library in Granville NY in April.

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