Snow Sculpture by Mother Nature

I’ve been noticing them since last week, ever since we had those days warm enough to walk around without a coat on.  The snow began to melt in the 40 degree weather and the warming spring-like sun.  Then over night it would freeze again, until a couple of days later and more warm weather and sunshine.  With each melt and freeze the snow sculpture became more prominent.  I’ve been watching the snow and ice, caught in mid slide, cantilevered off the edges of roofs.  I know they are perfectly balanced, because if they weren’t they would have already fallen.  Mother Nature doesn’t use formulas  to perform such architectural feats.

But only today did I notice this snow sculpture on the side of the road. And I didn’t see the rest of them (which are right outside the front door) until I started searching.

10 thoughts on “Snow Sculpture by Mother Nature

  1. The first one looks like a Chinese dragon, like the ones seen in celebrations. Or it might even be a guardian figure seen on cathedrals. Really is an imposing hunk of ice. The others, the beckoning fair ones?!

  2. You can see nature’s signature in these formations just as you can in some of the rocks in the Southwest. Amazing how connected they are in spite of being carved in different mediums.

  3. Yes, kindred spirits! All remind me of dragons and gargoyles! Maria, my Mac cover arrived! LOVE IT! Thank you so much, Maria!

  4. Yes, I am from the East Coast of Australia, we never have snow in the immediate area where I live, maybe 3 hours inland but nothing like you experience.

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