Spent this rainy Sunday morning in Cambridge NY.   First at a group meditation then walking around looking for something to draw and video.  Cambridge has a train that shakes the building near it as it goes by.  There were kids walking on the sidewalks (seems like a rare site these days) and a church bell ringing.   I was happy it was warm enough to rain instead of snow.  Most of town is filled with Victorian or simple 19th century houses but I found a contemporary industrial building down a side street next to the rail road tracks to draw.

3 thoughts on “Tracks

  1. Maria,

    Thank you for the beautiful visual and aural meditation. The crunch of snow and gravel. The calling of the jays and the artistic sensibility you bring to the scene. A medtative moment for me.


  2. Power in this video! Thank you for offering sound. I love the white on white (tone on tone) merging with the wood elements and the last shot is a gift! Thanks, Maria! <3

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