Barn, tree, road, fence

I bought a tiny  pink sketchbook (3″x4″) and have been carrying it around with me in my bag.  I think it’s because of the size, but I draw differently in it.   Bolder, more stylized and confident, as if the small page demands a strong statement.  I’ve also noticed that the drawings are less accurate, and a bit whimsical.  Giant suns, dancing branches and storybook barns fill the page.  Barn, tree, road, fence, telephone lines, again and again the vocabulary of Washington County.  Maybe I’m just getting to know them so well, it’s like drawing an old friend.

3 thoughts on “Barn, tree, road, fence

  1. I love these sketches. They seem free and open. No pressure. Enjoying the contour.

    Thank you for sharing your curves and curls.

  2. Hi Maria, It’s funny you mentioned whimsical in ref to your new sketches. I’ve felt that quality in all your sketches,even if it’s rounding off a corner or blowing of a rainstorm. These are great!
    Yup…it’s true.Another hour of daylight starting 2am! Yay to spring! Nay to our high water table and flooded basement!

    1. Lots of water here too, but no flooding yet. This morning I can see the tiny green leaves of last years pansy next to the studio door. I don’t know how the word Pansy has taken on the slang of a weak person. They are the hardiest flowers around.

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