Lay it all down

As some of you may have noticed, I have a couple of new features on my blog.  First, I’ve exchanged my own “For Sale” page with ETSY, which I just could never seem to keep up with.  I’m hoping to post some quilts and potholders for sale on my new page soon.  (I hope I’m better at keeping up with my own page, I guess we’ll see)

The facebook button is back.  It was gone for a few days while the work was being done on the site.  But it once again goes directly to my facebook page.

There’s a new button that goes directly to YouTube where you can view all of my “Visual Poems”  There are some poems that I only posted on facebook, so there may be a couple you missed if you  want to check it out.  I’m loving the Visual Poems, a completely new way for me to see and express my ideas.

I also have some new information on my Events and Appearances page.  I’ll be one of the artists at the Pember Library in Granville NY on April 1, from 7-9 for their First Friday Exhibition.  I’ll be showing and selling quilts and potholders and maybe a couple of framed stitch sketches.  A percentage of sales goes to support for the Library. (Which also has a Natural History Museum right out of the 1890’s with a mesmerizing egg collection)

I was inspired  today when I was making a video out my side window while driving home.  Cowboy Junkies  playing were in the background and on the video they sounded like a barely audible whisper.  I had just signed some legal papers at my Lawyers and  the words “sign the papers, lay it  all down” were going through my head .  Once back at the studio, I put it all together and came up with my latest Visual Poem:

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