Shell, Pincushion, Phone

"Night Table"
"Shell, Pincushion, Phone"

These are my latest stitch sketch potholders.   They are all for sale or will be going to the show at the Pember Library in Granville on April 1st (oh no April Fools Day)  which ever comes first.   They are $20 each + shipping and they will also be posted on my new Pieces for Sale page.  If you’re interested go to CONTACT ME or email me at [email protected]

13 thoughts on “Shell, Pincushion, Phone

  1. aaaaah, I’ve been waiting for you to do some tea/coffee cups/mugs/pots — liking the cups on a couple of these.
    If you ever do some that feature more mugs, a tea set, a table set for tea — and I’m your girl!
    I’m just crazy over that theme — I’ll be watching!
    I do free motion quilting (simple patterns – loops, swirls, etc) on my quilted wall hangings, and I just have to say that I am AMAZED at what you manage to get your machine to do to recreate your sketches in thread! I can’t figure out HOW you do it! Your hands definitely have some magic in them.

    1. Cheryl, I just use the machine like the needle was a pencil. I’ve been thinking of the tea thing for many years, did sculptures with used tea bag strings and tied a quilt with them too. (Mending Quilt, made also with bandages) I’m intrigued by the social and healing aspect of tea and drinking tea with other people. I do see myself doing more of these. I bet you could harness your swirls and loops into a tea cup or two.

  2. so you do the thing where you lower the teeth and move the fabric around under the needle? free motion quilting?
    I’ve seen a lot of free motion quilting and have even seen some done as sketching, but yours is truly like a real sketch! It’s so hard to get good control of the fabric as it passes under the needle. I can’t imagine concentrating enough on the design as the needle and thread pass through the fabric to get the design you are aiming for. I just can’t tell you how in awe I am of your ability to do that.
    course, I can’t sketch on paper, so doing it on fabric would be totally impossible 😉 I did quilt a patriotic quilt for a young friend of mine who has autism and loves the flag with stars – repeated free motion stars all over the whole quilt.
    I’ll keep watching what you’re doing!

    1. The free motion stars are practice. If you can do them you can do other symbols and shapes etc. I started with spirals on a scrap piece of fabric then just did what came natural. In a while I was drawing cartoon people and dogs and houses. I suggest playing and see what happens.

  3. do you use any of the “tools” for free motion quilting? the hoop, the gloves, the little slidy mat? or just you hands? and you have a darning foot to use, right?

  4. this gets better and better – the work you do – cause if you aren’t using a darning foot, I can’t even imagine how you push the fabric around — are you using just a regular foot that comes on the machine? How can you get the fabric to move under the needle?
    You’re putting the teeth (feed dogs, I think they might be called) down, right?
    Wish I could see how you do this. (oh, how bout a video???? I know you’re using videos now – have been enjoying them – and I know that a video of you doing the free motion quilting would provide the poetry behind the work)
    darning foot and free motion quilting –

  5. ok, now I feel better! at least we’re working with the same tools – so there could be help for me! 😉
    I have 2 wall hangings almost ready to be quilted – and I plan to do free motion – so wish me luck!

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