Sunday Meditation

Pieces of Myself blowing in the wind with the sound of kids playing in town and Frieda barking.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Meditation

  1. Reminds me of when I was a kid, visiting my Grammy’s farm…laying in a hammock, half-dozing, and being aware of the sounds of the wind in the high grass and the birds and the sheep just being who they were. Thanks for bringing that peace-filled memory back to me, Maria.

  2. it made me think of laundry on the line – after my mom hung it in the back yard, and I’d be lying in the sun (with iodine and baby oil slathered on my skin – uck!), listening and watching the dresses and sheets blowing in the summer breeze.

    1. I love that image. It seems it was easier to get lost in a simple movement or shape as a kid. As adults it’s meditative as kids it’s just what we do. Guess it’s about being in the moment and not having too many preconceived notions.

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