Pig Barn Gallery

The Pig Barn Gallery at Bedlam Farm will have it first Exhibit on Saturday and Sunday June 4th and 5th 2011.  There’s some work to be done to the Pig Barn before it will be a gallery, but not too much. Mostly just a clean-up and some track lighting.  The first show is From the Everyday to Art and will feature 5 local artists, Serena Kovalosky, Diane Swanson, Jack Metzger, Jon Katz and me.  All the work focuses on the everyday, the mundane made into art.  Our first meeting is April 5th where we’ll be sorting out  the details.

The Video above shows the Pig Barn as it is now.  Keep watching for the full transformation from barn to gallery.

4 thoughts on “Pig Barn Gallery

  1. Such a fabulous barn Maria – filled with lots of simplicity and potential and warmth! I love those high, rustic rafters.

  2. The song birds in the background audio are heralding your transformation project. The one with the whistling trill sounds like he’s saying “Here, here, here”; and the staccato one sounds like “Cheap. Cheap.” (or maybe that’s cheep, cheep). Great advertisement!

  3. The Pig Barn Gallery is an awesome place for an art gallery. Love the exposed open beams. Such a great canvas to work with and the perfect backdrop for your art. Thought of your website when I saw that big full moon!

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