Good day for a reading quilt

A few weeks ago a friend emailed me and suggested I make a “Reading Quilt” after seeing all the potholders from the Library Book Tour.  I thought it was a good idea, and when I started making potholders and quilts for the Pember Library, it came back to me.

So today I started on my reading quilt.  I used a few elements from on a previous potholder stitch sketch and added some book stuff.  Above is the sketch on fabric before the stitches.

Below is a short Spring lament at the  snow which covered the fields again in white after yesterday’s Spring melt. (as you can see, I’m still working on acceptance)

7 thoughts on “Good day for a reading quilt

  1. Hi Maria, This sketch is wonderful.The beginnings of a beautiful quilt for sure.
    Same here today with the snow/spring dilemma.Also with the ongoing battle of acceptance!
    Snuggle Frieda for me and Mavie’s Angel.

  2. Are you going to make a large lap quilt sized version of the reading quilt? It sure would be swell to have something like that to drape over one’s legs while reading, especially when the evenings are chilly.

  3. Thanks for the smile, Maria. I have to work on my acceptance as well, as we on the southern shoreline of Lake Ontario expect several inches of snow tomorrow and chilly temperatures the rest of the week. Sigh.

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