Spinning Lesson

A while ago my friend Suzy send me this orange ball of her hand spun goat wool.  It was left over from  a hat she made and to me it was a precious gift.  I sat it on a deer bone on my shelf, a  worthy goddess.

I tried spinning a couple of years ago, and quickly gave up.  While it looks easy and meditative, I just didn’t have the patience to learn.  I put it in the category of playing an instrument.  Looks like fun, but the talent just isn’t there.  So I really appreciated the quality of Suzy’s wool.   But last week Suzy took another spinning lesson and sent me an email describing it.  I thought it was as much a life lesson as a spinning lesson:

“I felt like I was starting over again, somewhat.  It’s, once again, about letting  go – easing up – let the twist come in as it naturally want to and let it flow.  Judi, my teacher, spun with what seemed so little effort.  …so practice, practice and some more lessons I think.  When I learned initially, it was rough and I felt so at odds with the fiber and my wheel, then slowly it started to click and became easier… I find it interesting that even though I feel I’ve come far – there is quite a ways to go.  I felt encouraged, it is definitely a process – humbling :).”

My potholder version of Suzy's wool

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