I’ve been using tea, teapots and the  healing and social act of drinking tea in my art for a long time.

For years I kept my used teabag stings and came up with ways to make art out of them.  I wove them into spirals in carpets, used them to tie quilts, hung them like tiny jump ropes from tiny nails and created abstract wall installations by tying them to straight pins and pushing them into my studio walls.  I wove them together with my used tampon strings for a year creating  a 6 foot long “calender”.

There’s comfort in a cup of tea, and it often involves another person and conversation.  It’s what people do.

6 thoughts on “teapot

  1. Weaving tea bag strings is one thing, but weaving them together with “used” tampon strings is quite another. YUK!!

  2. Well, for years I’ve taken my used tampons and used them to recork wine when we have opened a bottle and not finished it. It is a thrifty way to recycle the used tampons and also adds a distinctive flavor to the wine. There are some people in my family and circle of friends that I would hesitate to share this with as they may never again want me to cook dinner for them. You may also consider that when writing of your oddities too. Afterall, does telling of using used tampon strings in your art add anything to the marketing of your art? My guess is it is a bigger turn off that a draw. However, I could be wrong. You may have hit on something that will endear you to some oddballs out there.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      That reminds me of the joke about the vampire that goes into the bar and asks for a cup of tea. Anyway, in the art world where I come from, used tampon stings are passe, they’re just one of many. But you’re right, they don’t sell, that’s one of the reasons I make quilts and potholders.

  3. OMG, that is my favorite joke! That and the one about the city farmer who planted the chicks too close together. I think you should make a banner of used tampon strings and hang it high from your studio!

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