Freida’s Tale

Sara was here again to day showing me how to move my videos from flipshare to imovie and how to export them to my video frame.  Getting the videos onto imovie was a breeze and I think I finally got it this time.(I wrote everything down).  Getting the videos onto the video frame took some more time to figure out.  First the video  wouldn’t play, then we got a picture, but it was broken up into strange squares and vibrant colors.

I would have given up, but Sara kept at it.  She  actually seemed to be having fun trying to figure it out.  Each time she tried she got closer.  We got to the point were  we superstitious about each step.  Only I could put the card into the screen and I could take it out of the card reader, but Sara had to put it in.

And finally, it worked.  We watched a 10 second video of Freida’s tail in the snow on the video screen.  (the video was one of those experiments, I thought I could edit it onto some other images to make a visual poem.    I also happen to think that Freida has an exceptional tail.)

Determined to make sure I knew how to do it, when Sara left, I tried to load another video.   I read all my instructions and… the  first one didn’t work.  I tried again, made some changes and still it didn’t work.  I gave up after the 3rd try.

There’s always tomorrow and Sara is never too far away.

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