Bucket of Water

Bucket of Water is my first edited video.  Being able to cut and splice different videos together allows for them to potentially be less linear.  More “all-over” like a painting.

I found myself composing the video using the same structure I’ve used to  weave a rag rug.   I never plan out the pattern when I weave, I just choose the colors and crate the pattern as I go, but I do have a structure in mind.  Often there will be blocks of a  neutral or primary color, not evenly spaced, but constant throughout.

The snowy footsteps are those blocks of color and even though it goes from one place to another, it meanders on the way there.

8 thoughts on “Bucket of Water

  1. I don’t think it’s gibberish. I especially LOVED the ending. Reminded me of someone in my own house. Barbara Kammer

  2. I really liked this. I found myslef wondering what the thing was that the snow was collecting on and at the very end say that it was a dog! Fun.

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