Lots of cheesecake, wine and beer….

Reading Chair

There was a big crowd at the Pember Library Friday night.   They sold lots of wine and beer and cheesecake (Meg from Gardenworks in Salem was selling Nuns of NewSkete Cheesecake to benefit the Library)  and people seemed to be enjoying themselves,  but the art wasn’t moving.  I didn’t sell anything, and I don’t think any one else did either.

I did meet some nice people.   Two women told me they wanted to be in the “Reading Chair” potholder.  (Both had young children)  Another woman said she keeps buying stuffed chairs thinking that each new chair will be the one she gets to relax in.  I had an inspiring conversation with a woman who recognized the Gee’s Bend influence in my quilts.

I also  had a nice glass of red wine and got to show my mother (who came with us) the egg and butterfly collections in the Natural History Musem upstairs from the Library.  She and Mary Kellogg went to the Slate Valley Museum, just over the covered bridge, and were impressed with Kerry O.Furlini, a slate carver, just back from studying in  Wales, who was showing her work there.

The Pember Library, like many Libraries, has had it’s budget cut and is working hard to stay open.  And it’s in a town that really depends on it.  I was glad to be a part of the First Friday Exhibit which will continue through April 25th and I’ll continue selling the quilts and potholders in the Library and  on my website.  You can see everything for sale at the Library on my Current Pieces for Sale page.  While the show is up 20% of all sales will benefit the Pember Library and Museum.

I think this captures the feel of the Pember Library and Natural History Museum on Friday night.  (Although some may see it as gibberish.)

7 thoughts on “Lots of cheesecake, wine and beer….

  1. Maria,
    I loved how you did the contrast of busy vs. quiet on this video. Sounds like it was a nice evening!

  2. Thanks for posting. The Pember is one of the many, many things & places I miss about Our Little Part of the World!!

  3. I thought the contrasts in this video were extremely interesting! I appreciate that you are trying to help this amazing little library. I think I liked the eggs the best. Barbara Kammer

  4. To me this represents meditation – the chatter of the people, the brief quiet and stillness and back to chatter again – butterflies and eggs = simple peace. Nice, certainly NOT gibberish 🙂

  5. Maria,

    Love the bugs, and the ducks and the eggs. Been thinking it not gibberish but reminds me of a popular flick called “The Ring”. Which the way you clip, the video, is very cool.


  6. I love the juxtaposition: the living and the ever-after. I had to laugh when I found myself gravitating to the quiet of latter. What a lovely collection the Pember has on display.

    1. I hadn’t thought of it quite that way, I was somehow thinking of the similarities ( all those people standing around downstairs and all those stuffed animals standing around upstairs) but you’re right.

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