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We had the first meeting for “From the Everyday to Art” the first Art exhibit at the Pig Barn Gallery on Bedlam Farm.  (above is Jon and Jack Metzger .  Diane Swanson and Mary Kellogg are feeding the Donkeys with Lenore.)   We figured out lots of stuff from invitations to who would bring the food for the Reception.

The Show will be on Saturday June 4th and Sunday June 5th from 11AM – 4Pm.   You can meet the Artists at the  Opening Reception which is  Saturday from 1-3.  Mary Kellogg will be there reading some of her poems in keeping with the theme of the show.  Jon and Rose will do a sheep herding exhibition at 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday.  I’ll be posting photos and video of the artists and their work so you’ll have  a good idea of what to expect.

Below is the first video of Mary Kellogg reading one of her unpublished poems “Butter Wrapping”

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    1. Thanks for letting me know. I’m just starting to use imovie and the videos go to youtube listed as private and I’m still getting used to getting the setting right. I’m going to fix it right now!

  1. Thanks for taking care of that glitch with the video. I enjoyed Mary’s poem and am glad you had her share it. Wrapping butter for her dad. What a precious memory for Mary. What a picture she can paint with her words. I can just see her neatly wrapping the butter while her dad watches, not saying anything, but just watching Mary tackle the chore and enjoying time with his little girl.

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