You have to start somewhere

So, I think it was in September,  when a friend asked me if I would redesign an old quilt of hers.  The only part she really liked, she told me, was the waves.She dropped the quilt off in October thinking it would be a Christmas gift to herself.

It’s been sitting on top of Freida’s crate in my studio since then.

So why the procrastination?  I think I was afraid to cut it apart.  I was afraid to ruin it.  Of course, it was already ruined, her dog  took care of that, which is why she gave it to me.   There were tears and holes in it and much of the fabric was worn and my friend said there were always too many lighthouses in it anyway.

It’s so much easier to make something for myself and hope someone likes it enough to buy it than to make something for someone else.  And this had even more pressure, because I was destroying something that didn’t belong to me.

So today, after 6 months, I laid out the quilt, stitched the sketch for the center piece then got my scissors and gave myself a pep talk.  “You can do it Maria”  I said out loud,  “You have to start somewhere.” ” Just cut the waves off.”  “One thing at a time.”

I didn’t panic, but it took me most of the day to figure this one out.  Those waves were everywhere before they found their way back to the outside of the quilt where they  originally came from.  I kept a couple of sail boats and some clouds, but the rest came out of the boxes in my studio.

I used my seam ripper to cut the waves and sailboats away from their backing.  I may stitch a seashell onto one of the solid yellow squares, but no matter what else I do,  I have every intention of  having this quilt done by the end of the week.

11 thoughts on “You have to start somewhere

  1. Love it. 🙂 Sometime as humans, we have to have cut ourself apart to make ourself whole again. Your
    right, we all have to start somewhere and grow from there.
    You did just that and gave the quilt a flow which it didn’t have before. It means something now, where
    before it was adrift in the hungery ocean with a million lighthouses.
    Sometimes when we start, at the starting line in this life, we never know what lays
    ahead until we cross that finish line and take a chance. Amazing job. Thank You Maria.


    1. That’s like hitting bottom, jumping in the cold water…. I’m happy you like the quilt Kathleen. I find that I like it now too!

  2. I think the fiber art show is a great idea. One took place here in Middle TN on Misty Hollow Farm for years. They kept sheep and demonstrated shearing, spinning, knitting. Most of the yarn was natural fibers. It was usually held in April and many people attended.

  3. I haven’t seen a “before” picture of this quilt, but you have managed to make it yours in style (except for the waves…) 🙂
    I love how you talk about it being easier to make a quilt for yourself and hoping someone else likes it enough to buy it… I realize now that I am the same way! And, I know it is sooo hard to pull apart someone elses hard work.
    Thank you for sharing Maria… I always enjoy seeing what you are up to and being inspired by your designs. I so wish I could be there in June for the show at the pig barn to see all of your work, and to meet you and Jon and all of the wonderful animals I have read so much about! Thanks again!

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