Diane and Fusion Art

Sometimes, when an artist is working, (and I’ve only heard this term in regard to artists)  a “happy accident” can occur.  This is when the artist has a plan for how something is going to look and it doesn’t work out, but something else happens instead and it’s even better than what they had thought of.  One of the things I learned as an artist is that we only have so much control.  And the translation between what goes on in the mind and what actually happens in the physical world are often two different things.

In this video Diane Swanson explains  her Fusion Art, the work she will be showing and selling in “From the Everyday to Art” at the Pig Barn Gallery in June and describes a “Happy Accident”

Circuitous Tapestry by Diane Swanson

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  1. I love Diane’s new fusion artwork, as well as the art that she has produced in the past. She is a very talented and gifted artist.

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