What Barn Cats Do

At some point, every afternoon, when I’m working in my studio, I see Mother, the barn cat, hunting in the field outside my window.  Sometimes I see her running across the road  back to the barn  with a mouse or mole hanging out of her mouth.  Other times I watch her in the tall grasses stalking something I can’t see.

Mother used to visit me in my studio, staying for a little while then going to the door and meowing to go back out.  Now that I always have a dog with me she doesn’t get too close to the studio.  But I still love to see her as she passes my window each afternoon doing what barn cats do.

A few people let me know that they couldn’t view the  video of Mary Kellogg reading her poem on yesterday’s blog.  It’s now public and able to be viewed, so have a look.

9 thoughts on “What Barn Cats Do

  1. I’m surprised she hasn’t brought you any gifts! My little female torte shell Maine Coon brought me stunned sparrows (always had to catch those), voles, & moles. Mine would zip in the house with her stunned prey.

    It’s a good thing you have Mother and Minnie to put a dent in the white footed deer mouse populations.

  2. Maria, I love this photo of Mother. I love cats and can’t wait for Jon’s book about them. Love your visual poems, you have gotten very adept with the video and it’s such a pleasure to look at them over and over. The one of Mary Kellogg’s reading was wonderful and the setting was perfect. Just read her interview in Oprah magazine. So wish I could be at the art show. Hope this becomes at least an annual event and my friend from IA and I can plan a road trip.

  3. Tortoise calicos are great hunters! When I lived in Fort Edwards freinds on the softball team talked me into taking this wild cat they caught in the neighborhood. Got to practise and there was this box wound in duck tape with holes cut into it and a huge rock on top. Humm what did I git myself into? Brought her home, put the rock on the garden wall, the box in the living room, cut thru the duck tape, opened the box, said “Hi” and “Good Nite”. Didn’t see her for 3 days! Food bowl empty, litter box full(whew!), I knew she was OK. 4th morn I woke with her clamped on my nose… think I was snoreing!! One of the best darn friends I ever had!! She had such a will, would chase the tomcats thru the barn!! Great catch of Mother in Action!!

  4. Love this picture! Cats are fascinating … Some years ago, my cat, Dude, was chasing after a baby skunk. I was fortunate to be able to nab him and make a run for it.

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