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I’m going to use this drawing for my next quilt.  I’ll probably make some changes and maybe I’ll have more than one stitch sketch in the quilt.  I think the table needs a book or two and the lamp needs to be plugged into an outlet and turned on.     I’ll be showing it at the Third Thursday Art Walk in Glens Falls at the Orange Cat Cafe in May.

6 thoughts on “Next Quilt

  1. you do so enjoy those plugs and outlets, I think a turned on lamp is good and I like the wavy curtains and the swirls in the chair arms.

  2. Too Cool, we have a table in the house that looks just like that. Ma bought it second hand an refinished it. Only ours has a rail around the top… was it from a ship or were they expecting you to knock something over??? Open the window a bit to let the breeze fill those wonderful drapes. Might even smell the Lavender growing under it…

  3. Just as your library sketches made me ‘smell’ the musty books, this drawing makes me want to climb through the computer screen and curl up in that cozy chair and ‘feel’ the warm cup of tea in my hand, with a soft, fuzzy throw over my lap. Thanks for the preview!

  4. I liked the swirles in the arms of the chair also!! a butt print in the coushion would definetly draw ya to it! Sit… feel the awe moment! We all need those at least once a day.

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