Spring came today

Spring came today.  I put on a tee shirt (with a couple of layers on top that I was able to peel off by late morning.)  I took the plastic off my window in the studio and opened it  up to hear the peepers!  I pulled up the dead sunflower from last year and took out the leaves and planted pansies in the tiny garden next to my studio door.  It was overcast, but warm and windy.    More snow melted on the north sides of the barns.   When it finally rained the drops were big and heavy and the air smelled warm and moist like a summer rain.  I’m sure tomorrow will not be as warm as it was today, but the pansies can handle it.

8 thoughts on “Spring came today

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am anxiously (and impatiently) waiting for my tulips to flower. Last year everything was a couple of weeks early..this year, not so much.

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