Six Clotheslines in Vermont

As we drove through Vermont this morning I saw six different clothes lines hung with drying clothes.  I thought they all must do their wash on Saturday and are thrilled  to hang their clothes out after the long winter.

I’ve always found something pleasurable about hanging clothes on a line.  Even when I was a kid and would hang out the families laundry,  I would pay attention to the colors and shapes when deciding what to hang where. Every once in a while in the winter, the clothes would freeze on the line.    I would stand them on the ground like parts of people and they would bend instead of fold.

A friend, who had one of those clothes lines on a pole, told me she would always hang her underwear on the inside lines so the neighbors couldn’t see them.

10 thoughts on “Six Clotheslines in Vermont

  1. sold! I will send in the mail tomorrow with the butterfly,,, mushroom,,, britches quilt. do my money on Sundays. I had a friend in Goshen who had the only thing stole off her line was her unddies. Didn’t hang them out afer that!! Victoria probably loves she had to replce them!! I always think of a good rain as the final rinse! an pray I have something dry to wear the next day!! Luv the smell of clothes off the line!!

  2. At least they didn’t have to worry about the pollen covering their drying clothing. I put all my thrift shop clothes on the line to air out. We had 30 mph winds in the tornado producing front that came through. Very interesting, hypnotic to watch clothing on the line in this storm.

    That is lovely, Maria. I can see clotheslines as a theme.

  3. Hey, Luanne! Luv Peanuts! “Hanging on to a corner” just brought back a cool memory! Worked on a plant farm for many years. Ross loved his greenhouses! tis a art to cover a 50 by 20 area with metal ribs with plastic! The weather has to be just right! NO WIND! an a lot of hot sun. got the call… we had the plastic over the greenhouse… lettin the sun warm it so we could strech it tight. Ross was nailing it in. Outta nowhere this gust of wind came in. I was on one of the corners, sent me 10 feet in the air and I landed in the middle of the greenhouse… corner in hand! When we got done laffin, Ross got his greenhouse!
    My neighbor Buck just built a small greenhouse for his wife… guess that’s why the memory is so close.

  4. Hi Maria, This clothesline is one of your sweetest images yet. I love my clotheslines where ever I live. My black Lab,Licorice used to make a game of yanking the clothes off my circular one many decades ago! I used to hang out Mellie’s cloth diapers in the winter(she’s forty-two now!),too poor for a dryer then and no such thing as Pampers…They’d be frozen so I had to put them around my furnace to dry.Ah,life sure is sweet now. I need to remember to be grateful.

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